What is Song Kernel

Song Kernel is a musical interface that helps compose and play songs easily.

Juan Bender

It can be used as a game and it can significantly lower the barriers to learn music.

It displays the harmonic possibilities of any scale and tuning system in one single image, designed to be used intuitively and without the need of having studied music theory.

Song Kernel takes advantage of today’s technology to use a powerful interface instead of using a 7+5 piano keyboard, a brilliant interface devised from the technology available seven centuries ago.

It allows a wide range of sound control, MIDI out, and the use of different tuning systems.



Play along your favourite songs and rank your performance with other players in social networks while inadvertently learning composition forms.

Learn the composition tricks and harmonic patterns used by your cherished songwriters and make good songs in few weeks. Music theory was never easier to understand and an instrument was never easier to be played.

Load your favourite songs from Song Kernel’s database and enhance your karaoke parties.


Use Song Kernel’s chord circle to have the best options for neat compositions and arrangements at hand. Even if you are familiar with harmony.

Visualize in one image all the harmonic possibilities for a song.

Use alternative tuning systems other than equal temperament.


Teach music in a simple and fun way.

Use Song Kernel as a didactic and playful tool for students or patients with no previous knowledge.

Provide the chance to use an instrument in which the immediate output can be solid and meaningful songs, not just disjointed sounds in an unfamiliar instrument.

Take learning to a next level by having two or more students play together different layers of a same song.

What people say?

When I found out about Songkernel was definitely great news! As a singer/ songwritter who doesn’t play any instrument this app helped me develop my music and show my creative team what I wanted to express easily! Now I play Songkernel!

Arianna Degoas (singer-songwritter)

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